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NASTH Research Fellowship FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Fellowship restricted to the summer?

No. While the summer months may fit with many student’s schedules, we recognize that particularly later in a medical school career, or during MD/PhD programs, research rotations during the school year may make more sense.


Is prior research experience required?

While it is not required, past experience is considered during the evaluation process. That experience may include research experience as well as a strong academic record and volunteer service and leadership experience.

Do I need to submit my undergraduate and medical school transcripts?

No. This is not required. We will look to your mentor to comment on your academic track record and potential.

How do I know if my mentor is a member of NASTH?

If you are uncertain, you may inquire at info@nasth.org. Membership in NASTH is free and open to clinicians and researchers in thrombosis and hemostasis.

How do I identify specific research opportunities?

First, identify a research mentor. S/he will help you identify and develop a specific research focus and plan. If you have a particular area in mind, but require the help of a researcher with specific expertise, NASTH can help you find the right mentor.

If I am not able to attend the 2020 professional meeting (date TBD) to present my research, am I still eligible for a fellowship?

This requirement may be waived in special circumstances, in which case the $2,000 travel stipend would not be awarded.