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NASTH Research Fellowship 2019

Deadline - March 1, 2019

The NASTH Research Fellowship is an 8-10 week program aimed at introducing students to the field of hemostasis and thrombosis by supporting the students’ work on targeted research projects. The experience includes collaboration with a research mentor, and preparation and presentation of the project at a Spring 2020 professional meeting.

The research focus may be lab-based, clinical or epidemiology research. Applicants are required to develop a research proposal in consultation with their mentor that can be completed within the 8 - 10 week fellowship period. Prior research experience is not required but is considered favorably, along with demonstrated academic achievement, service and leadership.

Past Research Fellows: 2016 | 2017 | 2018

Application Process | Mentors | Resources | FAQs


  • First, second or third year medical students, PhD students, MD/PhD, or PharmD students.
  • Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. or Canada at the time of application.


  • 2018
    November 1: Applications Open
  • 2019
    March 1: Application deadline
    March 15: Award winners notified


    Fellows will receive:
  • $5,000 fellowship stipend.
  • $2,000 travel allowance for attending and presenting at a professional meeting.
  • Guidance from a researcher and career-development mentor
    Hosting lab will receive:
  • $1,000 stipend for ancillary expenses.

Note: Fellowships may be served at any time during the subsequent year,
but must be completed by March 1, 2020.

Application Process

Identify and Connect with a Mentor

All applications require collaboration with a research mentor who is a member of NASTH. You may choose a mentor at your own medical school or in another location in the U.S. or Canada.

If you are interested in applying for the NASTH Research Fellowship but do not have a research mentor, please e-mail us with your desired research location and area of interest, and we may be able to help identify a mentor.

Develop a Research Proposal

This requires that you meet in person or via phone with your mentor and identify a specific, hypothesis-based research project. You must develop a strong understanding of the project and describe it in your own words in the application.


    Complete the:
    Online Application Form

    You will be required to upload:
  • One-page CV
  • Letter of endorsement from your research mentor (the research mentor must be a member of NASTH)


    Applications will be evaluated based on:
  • Academic potential of the project
  • Clarity and feasibility of the research proposal
  • Applicant’s experience and track record (research, academic achievement, service)
  • Applicant’s interest in hematology/thrombosis


Prospective mentors must be members of NASTH (membership is free of charge). Research mentors/labs receive a $1,000 stipend at the beginning of the research period.

    Specific responsibilities include:
  • Assist the applicant with the development of a research project plan (Note: the description of the research plan submitted with the application must be in the applicant’s own words.)
  • Upon award, help the applicant prepare for their fellowship period, including suggested readings or other training.
  • Oversee the research project, including regular review of milestones and provision of feedback/guidance.
  • Provide an evaluation at the end of the project.
  • Assist the fellow with preparation for their presentation.
  • Provide career guidance and support to encourage a career in hematology/thrombosis.


Questions may be addressed to: info@NASTH.org or 617-948-2190.